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Guardian Ultra Clean Pro Magnetic Heating System Filter U2 - 22mm

Guardian 303-1010

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Key Features:
  • NEW - All Brass Diverter
  • 3 Year No Quibble Guarantee.
  • Triple Filter System. Magnetic, Particle and Air. Stunning.
  • ClearFlow™ Magnet Stack. No Block Design.
  • Removable Magnet Shield. Cleaning made easy.
  • Elementary AISI 304 Stainless Steel particle Filtration.

  • 360° Diverter. No fussy 'O' Rings, Any angle is the right angle.
  • Full Flow Isolating Valves. Guaranteed.
  • ClearPort™ Fill and Drain Point.

Magentic Filter U2 22mm - Brass Diverter

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  • Guardian Ultra Clean Pro


Guardian Ultra Clean Pro Magnetic Heating System Filter U2 22mm

Having listened to trade installers all over the UK and Ireland we have completely re-designed the fundamental elements to make magnetic filtration even better. Nothing has been left to chance. From the all new Triple Filtration System, the revolutionary ClearFlow Magnet Stack, the True Full Flow Isolating Valves, and the clever ClearPort System.

Other features are less obvious and are testimony to our obsession with quality and reliability. Features such as the telescopic ‘O’ ring seal system on our diverter body, the flat face seals on our valve connections, the thread pattern and ‘O’ ring seal technology on the filter end cap. Our attention to detail leaves nothing to chance.

Triple Filter System. Stunning.

Our Triple Filter System is unique. It’s the heart of our new Ultra Clean Pro and has been painstakingly designed to maximise air and particle filtration and deliver total protection for the heating system.

ClearFlow™ Magnet Stack.

Water is diverted from the return flow through the filters unique 4 way helical baffle system into the larger filter body. The sudden change of section from the narrow diameter diverter to the much larger filter chamber slows down the movement of water and the speed of the particles suspended in it. The flow then collides with the AISI 304 stainless steel particle filter mesh slowing it even further. The heaviest particles then fall out of suspension and gravity does its work allowing them to collect in the large diameter filter cap at the bottom.

Elementary filtration.

Our AISI 304 Stainless Steel filter is rather clever actually. The circular shape to the filter with high filtration mesh combine to remove any non-magnetic particles and promote a helical flow pattern that slows the flow rate momentarily to allow the filter and ClearFlow™ magnet to do its work.

The stainless steel element does not create any resistance to flow through the design of the filter lattice and cannot become clogged. The filter element can be removed easily during service and is simple to clean by flushing with clean running water.

Clear Flow. Size simply isn’t everything.

Made using high strength Neodymium rare earth magnets our Clear flow magnet stack is revolutionary. When we designed our ClearFlow™ magnet stack we took on board feedback from the market. Our design team were asked to consider filter function, magnet function and overall performance. You told us call backs to blocked filters were a constant problem. They are a big issue for the homeowner and an added cost for your business as an Installer. We agreed and our design team got to work.

We made some fundamental but critical changes that resulted in the revolutionary ClearFlow™ magnet stack. First we turned it on its head. The magnet was placed at the bottom where all the particles of magnetic and non-magnetic material would settle, it just made sense. Then we designed the magnet so it was the correct height for the filter body. Bigger is not necessarily better, particularly when it serves to create a problem you are trying to solve. No, it is just perfect for the overall design and function of the Ultra Clean Pro™. It prevents blockage completely and ensures a fully functioning heating system that will keep your customers happy until the next service interval. Finally we added a simple but effective Magnet Shield™. A removable sleeve that is easy to clean. The Magnet Shield™ prevents the ClearFlow™ magnet stack from coming in contact with the magnetic material and making the annual service a doddle.

Time is money. Our 360° diverter.

We take installation seriously. Time is money and with the Ultra Clean Pro™ you will save both. It’s not obvious at first glance but a huge amount of design work was put into getting this right. Why not take a closer look at some of the less obvious design features we added.

Installation can be carried out on vertical and horizontal pipework. Or at any other angle you require with ease. Our kit comes complete. There is no need for offset copper pipes, funny coloured O rings, or extra adaption kits that need to be ordered. The diverter EDPM O ring seal system is unique. It can be rotated a full 360° and locked in position as required.

Full Flow. Guaranteed.

The Ultra Clean Pro is full bore all the way. That’s important. It’s also important to look at how our connections work. We offer a choice you see. We have compression tails or isolating valves and both are available in 28mm and 22mm. We also have flat faced seals. Whether on it means you don’t have to wrestle to get the filter on the pipework. Installation is easy. Just remove the necessary length of pipe using the clever measuring template to install the filter diverter.

Fit the compression tails or isolating valves as required and slide the filter into place. No lifting, dragging or bending needed. Set and forget. Oh, it’s also easy to remove too and makes servicing a piece of cake.

All our connections are full bore. Your boiler manufacturer will thank us. Flow resistance created by the standard bore valves supplied with other filters are not pump friendly. Restricting 22mm pipework to 15mm increases pump wear, increases system noise and shortens the lifecycle of the boiler. Whichever connections you choose with your Ultra Clean Pro™ you get full flow.

Our connections are brass, nickel plated and pressure tested to PN40. They are available in 28mm and 22mm and as compression tails or with isolating ball valves.

ClearPort™ Fill and Drain Point.

Since we located the magnet on the bottom with all the dirty stuff we also thought it wise to fit the Clear Port on the top. It’s logic really. Why put a fill or drain port at the bottom where it is guaranteed to get blocked over time. Our Clear port is supplied with a manual air vent, but that’s just the beginning. It has multiple uses. Filling or dosing using the wide array of Guardian products.


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